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Falkirk's Favourite Escape Rooms

Extraordinary adventures await you!

Experience the unique 
fun and entertainment
of our popular and highly rated Escape Rooms. 

Our immersive escape rooms will transport you to a different time and place.
Get to know the characters and their stories. Face the challenge, be the hero, save the day.

Your fate is in your hands as you race against the clock to escape.

Will it be the hall of fame or the walk of shame?
It’s up to you!

Round up the “Dream Team” and escape Falkirk at Divergent Games.

Escape Rooms...


Baddie Academy is the best supervillain training school in the world, maybe even the universe! Only the best of the bad will be invited to attend next semester.

They were impressed with your application and you have passed the 1st stage of the admissions process.

To pass the next stage you are required to take an entrance exam.

Can you harness your superpowers and pass the entrance exam?



It’s 1931 rum-runners and bootleggers have mostly kept the city supplied with sub-standard gut-rot gin and bathtub bourbon. Now a large shipment of top-quality Mississippi Moonshine  vanished from Capones dockland warehouse. He called on his ‘old pal’ private investigator Mick Macy.

It’s the 11th hour, Macy has vanished, the boss is on his way and the moonshine is still missing!

It’s up to you now! Can you crack the case and escape the mob?



On the 16th of January 1919, the National Prohibition Act was passed, prohibiting the manufacture or sale of alcohol in the USA. Bootleggers and Rum Runners worked with local mobsters to distribute illicit alcohol through a network of secret warehouses, blind pigs, and speakeasies.

Rumour has it that a special shipment of moonshine was stolen from right under Capone’s nose, and is being stored in ‘The Old Blind Pig’. You only have an hour before the Northside Gang return, and you’re not the only gang looking for the shipment.


How To Play

Lock In

We lock you in
and throw away
the key! (*see FAQs)


Find the clues,
Open the locks,
Solve the puzzles,
Beat the clock.


Does your team have what it takes to escape the room?

Why Choose Divergent Games Escape Rooms?

What People Say

Enjoyable experience and friendly and helpful staff, highly recommended if anyone is looking for something to do while in falkirk then I give this a shout. I've done 3 escape rooms now this for me is one of the better ones

John Lawrie Avatar John Lawrie
1st October 2020
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