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In Trouble

It’s a set up! Macy swears he’s innocent and has the evidence to prove it… If only he could get it to get it to his lawyer.

In this corrupt world, you are the only people he can trust! He’s counting on you to crack the case wide open!

Can you get the evidence to Macy’s lawyer before he goes down for crime he didn’t commit?

"I should have known something was off, the minute she came through that door. Dressed well and all in black, perfume hanging thick in the air, she was every bit the grieving widow. I've seen a lot of those in my time but broads like her don't cross to this side of town too often and it's never for anything good"
Mick Macy
Private Investigator

2-6 players

60 minute private game


The year is 2068, 26 years after the bombs fell. Your group of scavengers are exploring a bunker near Frag Town when you stumble upon a small arsenal. As you step inside, someone lets out a maniacal laugh and the door slams shut. Trapped in a room with a ticking bomb, does your team have what it takes?

Can you beat the clock and escape the wasteland bomber before the bunker goes boom?

"Trespassers will be obliterated! MWAHAHAAAAHAAA HAAA"
Wasteland Bomber

2-4 players

60 minute private game

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