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10 Non-Escape Room Games Escape Room Fans Will Love

10 Non-Escape Room Games That
Escape Room Fans Will Love To Play.

Divergent Games will help you keep on top of your game with a list of some of brilliant problem solving games.

As this lock-down list’s rather catchy title suggests this is 10 Non-Escape Room Games That Escape Room Fans Will Love To Play. 

They are all available on Google Play  and all are free to play, although some do have in app purchases. 
These games exercise the same muscles you use in a live escape room, problem solving, observation, logic and lateral thinking.
They are great fun to play solo on a mobile phone or with a small group on a tablet. 


Grow Cube

Grow Cube from Eyemaze is a cute little point and click game. Try to work out the correct order to add elements. Each ending is different but only one is right! A great warm up or one for the kids, requires logic and patience!

SIM - Sara is Missing

SIM – Sara is Missing by Kaigen Games. Sara has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, your only lead is her mobile phone.
Track her down using the clues you find in her phone. This is a really immersive game that will have you hanging off the edge of your seat!

Doodle God

Doodle God by Joybits Ltd is quirky, fun and challenging. Not just for kids, this game has all the right ingredients to keep you amused for hours if not days! Can you create the universe starting with just the basics?

Dead Man's Phone

Dead Man’s Phone by Electric Noir Studios is a great little mystery game. Unleash your inner detective, find the clues discover the truth, you have the victims phone, the rest is up to you!

Rube's Lab

Rube’s Lab from Bouland Games is a physics puzzle game based on Rube Goldberg’s fantastical machines. Use household objects to create amazing machines of your own. Rube is of course there to guide you through.

Smart Puzzles Collection

Smart Puzzles Collection from App Holdings is a collection of challenging logic puzzles. With a variety of games and more than 5000 levels, this is great practice for any budding escape room enthusiast.

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies from Rovio Entertainment Corporation is an oldy but a goody. Unlock your inner inventor, use logic and creativity to design, build and fly your creations, while helping the Bad Piggies steal the eggs. 


EnigmBox from Benoit Freslon is another great little puzzle game. Use all the functions of your phone to solve the brain teasers and move on to the next level. Observation and lateral thinking needed here!

Project Void

Project Void by Hybriona Technologies is a really sophisticated puzzle game and an absolute must play for escape room fans. You are a subject in an experiment. Complete your missions using all the tools at your disposal!

Plague Inc.

plague inc

Plague inc. by Ndemic Creations is the ultimate strategy game. Let your plague loose on the world and try to eradicate mankind. Entertaining and educational, obviously a perfect fit for this lock-down list, but is it too soon? Controversially, the game was banned in China in February. 

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