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Tips For New Players

Search The Room

Escape room games usually involve some degree of searching the room for hidden objects. Clues and items you need to find during the game, will not be difficult to get to, or particularly hard to find. You won't need to move or climb on items of furniture, you won't need to search every book in a room to progress through the game.

Keep It Simple

Apply logic and try not to overthink things. Search for clues inside the room and consult with your team, they may have seen something you haven't. You can always ask for an extra hint from your games-master if you are stuck. Escape rooms can be (and should be) challenging, but the main aim of the game is to have fun. If a solution seems obscure or convoluted, it's probably not right!

Puzzle Pieces

Some items inside the escape room can be combined with other items to make a clue or puzzle. You may need to collect several parts of something in order to proceed with a puzzle. You may find puzzle pieces for use in later stages of the game, so put unused items somewhere central.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Communication is the key to success in EVERY escape room. Teams perform better when they are aware of what their team mates are doing. It really helps to stay organised. Puzzles, props and locks are generally only used once and can be discarded after you've used them.

Don't Break Out

Escape rooms are not indestructible! If something is glued or screwed shut, it is probably meant to be left that way! Please don't break, smash, peel, pry, dismantle or otherwise destroy anything inside the escape room. Also please check your pockets for any small items before you leave the room.

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